While your wind farm or solar farm will be additional income for you and your family, your wind turbines and solar installations can also benefit your community.

Increase your and your community’s revenue with renewable energy

An energy park is an investment in the future. Clean energy generation is not only beneficial to your wallet, but also to your environment and the members of your community. Having an energy park in your area can be a profitable project – providing financial, economic and infrastructure-related benefits.

The energy transition is the project of the century. That being said, the responsibilities that come with this transition can feel overwhelming. UKA is dedicated to sticking with you through every step of the process, taking all phases of planning and setting up the wind and solar farm for your benefit.

UKA is a trusted partner for your land and your community

I feel that I am in good hands with UKA, thanks to the superb personal support offered. The development processes were explained to me in detail. If I have any questions there is always someone available to answer them.

Mark White

Texas land owner

Benefits of working with UKA North America

Working with UKA North America can help you benefit both financially and economically. Wind and solar projects do not only serve as an additional source of income for you and your loved ones, but also foster your land’s energy independence for the future.


  1. Renewable generating plants secure your financial strength.
  2. Wind and solar energy projects promote the regional economy.
  3. Distributed wind and solar generation promotes grid reliability.

UKA is committed to honesty and quality through every step of the renewable energy development process.
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