Our partners are always satisfied with the development and operations of their wind and solar farms. We want you to hear from them. The UKA Group is a leading international wind and solar energy developer across Germany, Europe and the United States. Our expert team around the world is committed to honesty and integrity that landowners and communities can rely on from the project’s conception through operations. We have been developing renewable energy for more than 20 years contributing to climate change solutions.

Whether farmland, pasture or forest, your property plays an important part in providing more clean and affordable energy to your community. More and more landowners are benefiting from renewable energy projects. Leasing your land for wind and solar energy is a low-risk investment that offers stable returns. Wind turbines require relatively little space, so your surrounding fields can continue to be cultivated as pasture, cropland or used for keeping livestock while the wind turbines are turning. If your area does not have sufficient wind to justify turbine development, solar installation provides equally clean and usable electricity. By leasing your farmland, you’re not only benefitting your community, you are creating an additional source of income for yourself, your family and your loved ones.

“Working with UKA has been a pleasure, from the start of the process I have always felt like I am in very capable hands. All questions that I have had have been answered timely and with professionalism. I couldn't imagine going through this process with anyone else.”




A wide range of property types are suitable for generating renewable energy – all over the United States

Which sites are best for wind generators?

  • Cropland
  • Pasture
  • Grassland
  • Commercial forest
  • Former landfill sites
  • Reclaimed mines

Which sites are best for solar power?

  • Low-yield farmland and pasture
  • Motorway embankments
  • Railway lines
  • Reclaimed lands
  • Designated development areas

How does leasing my land work?

  • When leasing your land, you will enter into a lease agreement with the UKA team.

    A typical wind or solar lease has two time periods:

    • The development period, in which we determine if the land is suitable for wind or solar farm development.
    • The operations period, in which the wind or solar farm is placed into operation.
  • How much will I be paid for leasing my land?

    During the development period of your wind or solar installation, you will receive an option fee. An operation fee is an annual rent or royalty given to you during the time in which the wind or solar project is in operation. You may also receive additional payments depending on other infrastructures installed on your property.

  • Am I leasing or selling my land?

    When it comes to wind energy projects, the land is usually not sold. Instead, the right to use the property for installing and operating the wind turbines is secured by a long-term lease. This means you can continue to use your land to farm. That being said, we are always open to discuss buying land, particularly for solar projects.

UKA is committed to honesty and quality through every step of the renewable energy development process.
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