About Us

The UKA Group is a leading international wind and solar energy developer across Germany, Europe and the United States. Our expert team around the world is committed to honesty and integrity that landowners and communities can rely on from the project’s conception through operations. We have been developing renewable energy for more than 20 years, contributing to climate change solutions.

What makes the UKA Group unique is its combination of company values and a business model that takes into account the entire value chain of a renewable energy project. Our dedication to providing the highest industry standards paired with our desire to provide benefits for all stakeholders has laid the foundation for successful projects. UKA is dedicated to providing consumers alternative energy sources. UKA uses its expertise in developing renewable energy projects to ensure the lowest power production costs.

The UKA Group is committed to working consistently toward the success of projects by focusing on its core principles:



    The UKA Group has positioned itself as a reliable partner for landowners, stakeholders and local communities to complete challenging projects together.


    The UKA group routinely applies rigorous quality control to projects in every phase of the process.


    The UKA Group has built internal processes and controls that ensure optimization of project efficiency and reliability.


    The UKA Group has strong financial support from its relationships with strategic investors that ensures the completion of promising projects.


    The strength of the UKA Group is founded on honesty, integrity, and the expertise of our staff. With over 50 years of combined experience developing renewable energy including wind, solar and storage, the team has the knowledge and wherewithal to complete every step of development, financing and construction.


    The UKA Group strives to implement sustainable and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

UKA is committed to honesty and quality through every step of the renewable energy development process.
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